About Us

Transforming Your Daily Catalogues

The Erandz app, owned by Samaritan Services LLC and founded by Gabriel Cotton, has been in business for a long time now. We work to ease the workload by sharing your everyday responsibilities systematically. The clutter on your to-do-list is for us to clear away so your peace of mind is preserved at all times.

With us, you don’t need to worry about getting down to pay that bill on time, picking up supplies maybe even dropping off and picking up the laundry. And about a flat tire leaving you marooned on an unknown street. We cover all aspects of daily life from health care supply delivery to bill pay, all you need to do is either pre -pay the errands or send the money with one of our trusted drivers and they will take care of your errand needs from a-z. Not satisfied with services? Hassle free refunds (when necessary) followed by next service on us if we mess up.

Features That Set Us Apart

What makes us unique is the automation of our operations that grant you quick access to all our facilities

  • 10 minutes is all it takes to request an hour’s worth of errands
  • Booking our service is as easy as ordering a pizza and shopping online
  • Our foolproof application is super convenient to surf around on
  • Pay the least for the highest quality of service in town
  • Your disabled or elderly family members can break their barriers to freedom now
  • Get a refund if you don’t find our services living up to your standards

The Aspirations Behind Our Work

We aim at bringing stability to your life by balancing your personal, academic, and professional lives orderly. And so, our services make managing the daily obligations super composed while giving you ample time to spend with family as well. All those lost hours can now be earned back as you link with us and get that much-wanted equilibrium in your everyday routine.

No Trade-Offs On Morality

We work with the utmost transparency by delivering you exactly what we promise. No compromises are ever made on our service standards. And this is exactly what makes us extremely proficient to satisfy our customers all ends up! On putting your faith in us, you can count on us for all your needs and sit back with all the serenity in the world.

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